Vocabularies you haven't encounter

If you are logged in to JapaneseClass.jp, you can see a list of vocabulary/kanji that you have never encountered in JCJP Chapter test or Practice.

The list will give you a link to the Vocabulary/kanji Chapter Lesson page where each vocabulary can be found. So that you can directly go to the vocabulary/kanji chapter lesson page, learn the vocabularies/kanji in the particular chapter, and do the test to encounter with the vocabulary/kanji.

You can also try to encounter the vocabulary/kanji from the practice page. But you have to wait until the vocabulary/kanji appear by random selection.

The list will look like this
Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 8.25.36 PM 1

The list will only show the vocabularies you have not encountered in your level. If you have encountered all the vocabularies in your level, the list will show the kanji list. If you have done both kanji/vocabularies in your level, the list will not show until you go to the next level.

With this feature, I hope that you can always keep track of your learning progress in JCJP. Keep track of the vocabularies you have not encountered, as well as the chapters you have not done.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin


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