Vocabulary/Kanji Stats and hint in Practice

Now you can see your vocabulary status (percentage based on correct and wrong) on each vocabularies in the lesson.

You can see your vocabulary status when you do Random Practice Question.

Hints can also be seen in different color:

- if you see red color saying please learn, that means you have to try to learn the kanji/vocabulary, because you are not doing well on that particular vocabulary. (<60%)

- however if you got a good/excellent green message, that means you are doing good on that vocabulary (>60%)

I hope that this feature will help you to know yourself of what you have really learned, which vocabulary you are good at, and which vocabulary that you still need to spend some time to learn them.

Most important of all, I hope that it will help your Japanese Language Learning.

If you dont see the vocabulary status, that means there is no status record of that particular vocabulary/kanji. Please keep answering question until you reach the next interval of the same vocabulary.

Important message for old users:
Since, JCJP recorded all your mistake and correct answer starting from last month, you may notice that you only have few correct point or few wrong point on each vocabularies. I am sorry for this.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin


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