Statistics Badge

Badge Feature has been reimplemented.

If you go to your statistics page, you will see a purple link button on the top that will lead you to your Statistics Badge Page.

You can put this badge on your personal blog, forum signature, etc.

to do so, you just need to copy and paste the HTML/BB Codes.

There are two types of the Badge codes that you can use:
1. Automatic Update
As you know, the image will always be automatically up-to-date with your current statistics in JCJP. However, the HTML/BBcodes are not always supported in some forums.

2. Plain Image
This will give you a static plain image, the image will not be automatically updated. To update the badge with your current stats, you just need to reopen the badge window from your statistics page. This Plain Image is supported in most blogs, sites, and forums.

Please tell me if you have any bugs or suggestions about this feature.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin


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