Vocabulary Translate Group

To improve the quality and quantity of JCJP Vocabulary Database,
Now you can participate in translating JCJP vocabulary database into your own language. You can also report any wrong translation via vocabulary lesson page.

to participate, you need to go to JCJP group page.
just go to the group of your language.

after that you can go to Vocabulary Translate Section, and in that page you can see two vocabulary lists.

1. Reported Problematic Vocabularies

This list of vocabularies are vocabularies that have been reported by other users.
you can suggest other matched translation for each vocabulary.

2. Non Translated Vocabularies

This list of vocabularies are the vocabularies that have not been translated.
you can suggest your own translation into your own language (the language of the group)

please report if you notice any bugs or any more suggestions

Thank You,

PS: I'm also looking for moderators of each group to handle final translation suggestion


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