Japan Trends Beta Release

As you know, there was a really big earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

You can watch Japanese TV news channel online from this UStream page:


To keep up with the news, the Trends page in JCJP has been released earlier than it supposed to.

I was planning to add more features and make use of this feature to learn Japanese..

You can check it out at:


For now you can only see Kanji, kana reading, English translation and other multi language of the topics.

In the future development, I am planning to add the "add to note" feature, to add the vocabularies found in the trends page to your notes.

Today's Trends page screenshot:
Screen shot 0023-03-14 at 5.12.19

There is also possibility that there will be power outage in Japan.

So as JCJP is hosted in Japanese server, JCJP might not be accessible for some certain time today.