New Feature: Task (Personalized Vocabulary/Kanji Status Lists)

Task on your personalized vocabulary / kanji status (personal new, weak, oblivion vocabulary and kanji list)

On the bottom of the main menu, you can find Tasks menu where you have to clear them list (New, Weak, Oblivion). You can do the test to get the vocabulary/kanji in the specific list.

Screen shot 0023-03-01 at 1.34.17

In this way, you can clear those lists easier than trying to find them in practice or chapter tests. This feature can give you a clear idea of the task that you need to do and clearer to complete the task.

Screen shot 0023-03-01 at 1.35.08

Some definitions:
New: Vocabularies and Kanji that you have not encounter
Weak: Vocabularies and Kanji that the correct percentage is less than 60% (percentage = correct/(correct+wrong)*100)
Oblivion: Vocabularies and Kanji that you have encountered before, but you have not encountered for the last 30 days. (Vocabularies/Kanji that you might forgotten)

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Autoplay sound

Now you can set autoplay sound for Japanese to English Practice questions and Slideshows for lesson and notes.

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