Third Donation

JCJP has just got third donation from finlay with amount of $7.44 USD.
Thanks to finlay

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JCJP Admin

Vocabulary Slideshow and Voice

Same like Kanji Slideshow, now JCJP has Vocabulary Slideshow.

I am also kind of excited to inform you this, the slideshows now comes with voice speech system. You can play the voice by clicking the play button above the big kanji in the slideshow.

now you can learn Japanese pronunciation in JCJP. The speech is spoken by robot, so it sounds nice and accurate enough.

I will implement this speech system in all lessons and maybe practices and chapter tests.

Hope you like it!

Thanks to VDS

Lesson Chapter Slideshow (kanji)

Now you can enter a slideshow of kanji per chapter.
you can learn Kanji focusing on one kanji at a time.

Please go to kanji lesson to check out this feature

Also, please tell me if you have any suggestion to improve this feature.

Thanks to user Liko for suggesting this feature.

Note Quiz Feature is Available

Quiz for Note is available.

Note Quiz is available only for Notes with more than 4 vocabularies.

With this feature, you can make your own Quiz set, and practice the Vocabularies that you want to practice.

Good luck! =D
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JCJP Admin