Record of Correct and wrong

from now on, JCJP will keep a record of how many times you answer correct and wrong on each vocabulary and kanji.

In the future you will be able to see your statistics on each Vocabulary and Kanji in your statistics page.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Edit Profile

The edit profile feature has been added,
the edit profile button can be found in your statistics page (top right)

in there you can edit profile page, you can edit:
- password
- sex
- date of birth
- invite friends from Facebook / connect to facebook

Thank You,

Chapter Test Progress in Ranking Page

As you can see on the ranking page, you can see the everyone's Chapter Progress bar per level.

Edit Note and Note Permission

Now you can set your Note to private (only you can see) or public (can be seen by anyone).
Now you can edit your Note title, Note language, and Note view permission.

Thanks to spanz for this suggestion! =D

Please report if there is any bug.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Take Note when Practicing

Sorry for being late,

You can now Take Note when you are practicing in the Random Practice page.

Just click the purple Take Note button on the right side of the question and follow the steps.

Take Note button only available for Vocabulary and Reverse Vocabulary Question.

Please report if there is any bug or suggestion

Thank you,
JCJP Admin

Second Donation

JCJP has just got second donation from Stray_Mongrel with amount of $50 USD and PayPal fee cut for -$2.25 USD.
Thanks to Stray_Mongrel

Thank You,
JCJP Admin