Challenge Ranking

Now we have Challenge Ranking.

You are ranked by your Winner/Winning points on Challenge Ranking.

I think this is still buggy or maybe not, please tell me if you see anything weird.

So from now, go on and challenge other users! =D

Multi-Langual Enabled

Multi-Langual in the New JCJP has been enabled.

Now you can use JCJP in your own language, if your language is not available yet, I am really sorry about that. I will accept new application for new languages as soon as the language editing for the current available languages is completed.

The Interface language and vocabulary language has been partially completed for some languages.
I think languages that have good progress on translation are:

I need more volunteer on translating these language:

If you are interested in volunteering for translating one of those languages, please contact me.
Username beeant

Thank You,

Safari Support

I have fixed some of the practice codes.

Now, JCJP is compatible with Safari.
It is not as perfect as Firefox, but still usable (type answer doesnt work properly on Safari).

Please tell me if there is any other problem using JCJP with Safari.

Thank you,

New JCJP has been released


The new JCJP has finally been released.
There are still many bugs, but I find it difficult to find them by myself.
So I hope that you can help me find the bugs, and I will fix them ASAP.
I think this is the best way, rather than just keep finding the bug myself and delaying the release date.

Some new JCJP features:

- Sentence examples from Twitter: in Vocabulary Lesson Page
- Challenge Feature: you can challenge other user by visiting the user's page and click on Challenge button. You can also see your challenge stats in your statistics.
- New Practice Settings: Reverse Vocabulary, Show Kanji, Show Kana, Level Multi Select.
- Interface Language (not yet implemented)
- More comming...

I would love to hear some feedback, so please do not hesitate to report me anything you like to say about the new JCJP. Please send email to

Thank You,