Post Video

Now you can post video.
you can post video and create your own vocabulary list based on the video.

Random Practice Question Modification (Vocabulary)

The system of Random Practice Question for vocabulary has been modified.

when the user choose the wrong answer, the page will print out the meaning of the wrong answer directly on the side of the word. and the exp will be deducted by 5 (weak list will also take into account).

After the user choose the correct answer, then the page will be directed to the next page and tell the user that the answer was correct.

with this system, the user can learn more than one vocabulary if he/she make a mistake in one vocabulary question.

Weak List in Chapter Test

If you give a wrong answer (more than twice) to the question in chapter test, the vocabulary will be automatically added to your weak list

Google Translation in kanji practice question

You can now see Google translation of Kanji question in random practice question
to see Google Translation, just simply click the highlighted "see Google translation" link.

With this, you can learn how to read the Kanji and the meaning of the Kanji at the same time

since the translation is provided by Google, if there is any mistranslation, please report to Google.

Social Bookmarking

a new feature has been added
social bookmarking
you can share useful Japanese Learning resources links or any Japanese article to practice reading.

I will add some more sub-features on social bookmarking later.
You will be able to add vocabularies from an article and do practices from the vocabulary list, and more...

Latest posts and comments on Footer

Now you can see the social activities on JCJP from the footer of every pages.

You can see:
latest comment box post
latest video comments
latest photo comments

Twitter! Tweet This!

If you are using, now you can tweet your activity log from your statistics page.

Combo System

Combo System in Random Practice Question Page has been changed.

The system now is like:

when you earn
10 < combo = 70 bonus EXP
20 < combo = 2 X EXP
30 < combo = 3 X EXP
40 < combo = 4 X EXP
50 < combo = 5 X EXP
60 < combo = 6 X EXP
70 < combo = 7 X EXP

with this new system, I hope you can go to the next level faster, and learn more advanced vocabularies and kanji

Reverse Vocabulary Question in Practice Page

You can reverse the vocabulary question to get vocabulary questions in Japanese or your selected language.

you can change the vocabulary questions in practice page to be in Japanese.

When you choose the vocabulary questions to be in Japanese, then the answer options in the multiple choice will be in your selected language.

Since this is a new feature, please report if there is any bug

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

GUI updates

Chapter tests (kanji vocabulary): wrong answer, page transitions
Random Question Practice: wrong answer, page transitions
Activity Log: Tagging Vocabulary from photo

Random Practice Question and Weak List

The code in Random Practice Question has been improved.

Now the vocabularies or kanji in your weak list has 50% probability to appear on the Random Practice Question, regardless the level of Random Practice level mode your are doing.
for example:
When you are doing Random Practice questions for level 1, The vocabulary or kanji from level 5 or other level may appear.

When the question from your weak list appears, the program will tell you a red text message showing the level of the vocabulary or kanji. (random question may also pick the word from your weak list, if this happens, the red text message wont appear)

Now it is easier to clear your weak list and force yourself to learn the vocabularies or kanji that is difficult for you

Photo Quiz Feature

You can add vocabulary from anybody's photo by tagging a definition to any object in the photo.
and then, the vocabulary will be added to the photo quiz database.

you can try to take the photo quiz from the photo list page.
click on the Take Photo Quiz link (the left side of the page)(wait until all the thumbnail photos on the page is loaded, otherwise you will be brought to another page)

in the photo quiz page, you will be given questions with a cropped image of an object tagged from a photo.

Type Answer Hiragana Convert

if you type romaji on the type answer input box, the alphabet characters would be automatically converted to hirgana

Stages on Statistics Page

now you can minimize and maximize the list of stages of each level on the statistics page.
with this feature, the statistics page is less crammed.

Kanji Lesson Page

Now you can access Kanji Chapter Tests more ergonomically from the kanji lesson page.

You can learn and play around with chapter test in one kanji lesson page. Without going to another page whenever you want to take chapter test, it can be faster to finish all the kanji chapter tests in each level.

Shouts feature has been removed!

Shouts feature has been removed
if you want to shout or tell everyone about something, please use Bulletin

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Level Progress Bar

Level Progress Bar to indicate how many percent have you reached to go to the next level has been implemented