Forum Disabled

Forum has been disabled

and notes feature has been changed to bulletin board

Rank by Kanji and Vocabulary

2 New Ranking system has been implemented,
Rank by Vocabulary, and Rank by Kanji
This Ranking system sorts users by the number of Kanji or Vocabulary correct answers.
You can also see the Vocabulary/Kanji grade of the each user on the Ranking Page

Photo Comment

Now you can post a comment on photos
the comment you posted will be published on the recent user activity and your activity log

Photo Section

Photo Section has been added.
You can go to Photo Section from the main menu.

Photo Section page will list all photos uploaded by users

Date of Birth and Sex

Now new users have to put additional information when you register:
Date of Birth and Sex

Current users can update their profile information (sex and date of birth) in their statistics page by clicking the edit link.

Type Answer in Random Practice Question

Now instead of choosing the answer from multiple choice option, you can just type the answer.

This maybe useful for users who already familiar with most of the questions.
This feature can also help you feel more confidence after answering the question, you may think that you did not just guess the answer.

for Vocabulary questions:
answer in kana or kanji only!
if you cannot type kana or kanji, then please choose the correct answer in the multiple choice options!
there are many synonyms and form in Japanese Vocabularies that may have similar meaning, please give the answer according the the correct answer listed in the multiple choice options

for Kanji questions:
answer in hiragana only!
if you cannot type hiragana, then please choose the correct answer in the multiple choice options!

Weak List

weak vocabulary list feature has been added,
this feature will built up a list of vocabulary that is added from your wrong answers.
if you give a wrong answer for more than one same question, the vocabulary will be automatically added to your Weak Vocabulary List.

to remove the vocabulary from the list, you have to give correct answers the same number of times you gave wrong answers to the same question after the vocabulary is added.

Weak Vocabulary List is only available when you do Random Practice Questions (not in chapter tests)

Same with Weak Kanji List

New Database for vocabulary tests

New database for vocabulary questions in random practice test and chapter test has been fully using the same vocabulary database as in the vocabulary lesson page.

In the past, there was another separate test database to generate vocabulary questions.

Because the new vocabulary database has just implemented, please report if there is any problem.

Thank You,
JCJP admin

Language in Vocabulary Lesson Page

Now you can change the language in the Vocabulary Lesson Page

Notification on Notes feature

If you have any note on JCJP, you will receive a notification message and email when you someone post a comment on your note post.
If you post a comment on someone's note, you will send them a notification message and an email to the note poster.

Level 5 Vocabulary Completed (Chapter 41 - 50)

Level 5 Vocabulary Completed (Chapter 41 - 50)

For those who has reached Level 5, now you can learn new vocabularies.
in level 5, to make it more difficult and more challenging, there are a lot more vocabularies in each chapter.

For those who has not reached Level 5, don't be left behind!

Please report if there is any mistake or mistyping error.

Thank You
JCJP Admin