Star Awards

Now you will see how many stars you have collected in your Statistics page (Awards section)

To earn the Star, you need to earn at least 5000 EXP in a day, then you will get 1 Star for the day.

After you have collected 10 Stars, you will automatically get Perseverance Award!

Recent Shouts

Now you can see Recent Shouts of other users and your shouts on the main/index page.

Practice Page

Practice page has been renewed.
Now the option in the practice will show both Kanji and hiragana,
so you can learn the Kanji as well while you are learning vocabulary.

The Picture feature has been removed since nobody uses it.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Learn From Pictures (tagging)

JCJP has a new update.

JCJP has a new way to learn Japanese.
You can learn Japanese from pictures.
You can upload any pictures and then "tag" anything in the picture with the Japanese Word and English word.

to tag the picture, you just need to click the Add a Vocabulary link in the photo page.

this feature is still in BETA, a practice test feature will be implemented soon.

Please check it out at

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Vocabulary Lesson Page

Vocabulary Lesson Page has been renewed!
Now you do not have to be confused to see the long list of all vocabularies in the level. Now you can only see the vocabulary list of the chapter you have selected from the chapter selection.

The interface has also got better for your more comfortable learning.

Now you can learn and play around with chapter test in one vocabulary lesson page. Without going to another page whenever you want to take chapter test, it can be faster to finish all the vocabulary chapter tests in each level.

New Interface Chapter Test and Practice Question Pages

JCJP has a new interface for Chapter Test and Practice Question Pages.

A rounded corner has been implemented, the order of option modes position has been reorganized.

Now you only need to click on one of the answer, you do not need to select the answer and click next anymore, one click is enough to answer the question.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin