Mode in Random Question Practice

Now you can select "mode" in Random Question Practice

you can select mode for :
Kanji Only: only kanji questions will appear
Vocabulary Only: only vocabulary questions will appear
Kanji and Vocabulary: Kanji or Vocabulary questions will will appear (default)

Language Selection in Practice questions

Language selection is now available.

The interface became kind of messy because of this feature. I am still thinking of rearranging the interface to be better looking.

Since the language translation is based on user input (volunteer), not all of the words are translated into the selected language. a red message will appear when the word shown is not yet translated. The default language (English) will appear instead.

also, I am still looking for other language translator (volunteer) to translate the vocabulary database.

current translator:
Chinese: tony
Finnish: yookotan
German: apple
Swedish: Ahlfors
Indonesian: unknown

Please email me at if you are interested to be volunteer translator.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Today's Ranking

Today's EXP earning in the main/index page has been modified to Today's Ranking


JCJP has a new update,

Now if you receive a new post in your comment box on your statistics page, you will receive a notification text link on your account menu.

Also, you will send a text link notification when you post on somebody's comment box.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

New Style Kanji/Vocabulary Chapter Test

New Ajax Window for Kanji Vocabulary Chapter Test has been implemented.

Try the new style of Kanji and Vocabulary Chapter Test from Stage or your User Statistics page.

Please report if there is any bug

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Practice Test from Video Vocabulary List

Now you can take practice test from Video Vocabulary List.

Just click the link "Take Practice Test" below the Vocabulary list on video page

Video Section

JCJP has a new Video Section

In this Video section, you can learn Japanese while watching the video.

on the video page you can:
1. Watch video, listen to correct Japanese pronunciation, practice listening
2. Contribute by building vocabulary list for each video. You can add new vocabularies appear on the video to the vocabulary list.
3. Take test. The vocabulary list will later be used to be questions on the test for that particular video.
4. Post comments.

Check out the new Video Section at

Thank You,
JCJP Admin