Activity Comment


JCJP has a new feature update,

Activity Comment Feature:

1. if you post message on your own comment box on your statistics page, then the message will be posted on the main page (Recent User Activity)

2. by clicking the comment link on the Recent User Activity of main/index page of JCJP, you can post comment to other user's activity. this comment will be posted on the particular user's comment box.

I hope by releasing this feature, it will help JCJP to be more social and JCJP can be a Social Japanese Learning Community Site.

Please check the new feature:

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Dictionary Feature

If you see on the top right of, you will notice that there is an input box.

This input box is an electronic dictionary that can be used to translate English words.
The output will translate the English words that you input into Japanese.

If the English word is a word that is existed in our database, it will show enough details (Romaji, Kana, Kanji)
However if the English word is not existed in our database, it will show Google Translation Result which only show in Kanji.

You can also use this feature to translate English sentences.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin