New Random Practice Question with Anti-cheat


The cheating bug in Random Practice Question has been fixed!

You can press REFRESH or BACK button to play around with EXP points or Combo points in the previous version of Practice question.
Now you cannot do that cheat anymore!

The new Random Practice Question can also help you to do the practice faster, because it will load the next question in the page itself.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Loading Progress Gif Animation for posting message

Loading Progress gif animation is implemented for posting message on other User's statistics page

Thank You

Post a message on other User's Statistics page

I am trying hard to make JCJP to be more social,
so far, I have written a photo upload feature, chat feature, note and comment feature.
Unfortunately, none of them works effectively.

Now, I just implemented one feature where you can go to other user's statistics page, and you can post a message on his/her page.

This features is still in BETA stage, please report any bugs.
you have to wait for a while after you click the post button, the loading screen is not yet implemented.

I will write a notification code where you will get a notification after someone posts something on your message box.
Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Recruiting Volunteer (Multi-Language Development)


I am planning to make JCJP available in every languages, not only in English.

To do so, I need Volunteers for developing our database to be mutli-language
It can be any language.

All you need to do is to translate the words of our vocabulary list into your own language.
Here is a prototype of the page you will be working with:

requirement to be a volunteer:
- Fluent in the language that you choose (check with your login location)
- Passionate to finish the entry
- Has to be level 2 or more.
- you are happy to work on this as a [u]volunteer[/u]
- tell me why do you want to do this? (1-3 sentences would be enough)

There are only 5 requirements to be a volunteer for now.

The registration is limited only for 2 volunteers per language.

If you are interested, please register in this thread by telling me the language that you want to work with, and why do you want to to this?

Thank You,
Admin JCJP

Try Electronic Dictionary Feature

Electronic Dictionary is out for a try.
It is still not finished yet. It cannot be personalized yet.

Currently it is only available to search by English word (EN to JP).

You can try it on the Random Practice Question page, located on the left side of the page.
Even though it is not finished yet, please tell me how do you like it.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

New Updates


JCJP has some new updates:

1. New Page Footer
2. EXP earnings reduced by 20% because it was to high and incoherent with level
3. COMBO point bonus reduced by 50-70% same reason as EXP earnings reduction
4. Now you can only get COMBO points in Random Practice Questions, no longer in chapter tests
5. Report Wrong Questions is improvised, now you can enter some reason and correction.

If you are disagree with the EXP and Combo points reduction, please tell me!

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Random Question Practice Level


As requested, now you can select the level of Random Question Practice.

You can find the selection in the Random Question Practice Page.

This feature is only available for users who are more than level 1.

Please inform me if there is any bugs.

Thank You,
Admin JCJP