Kanji and Vocabulary Score

JapaneseClass.jp has a new feature update.

Now, you can see your Vocabulary and Kanji score in your statistics page.
The score is based on how many you times you answered correct kanji questions or vocabulary questions.

The correct answers and wrong answers start counting from today, 31日1月2009年.

Thank you,
JCJP Admin

Kanji Level 4 Lesson and Chapter Test is Available


JapaneseClass.jp has a new update:

Kanji Lesson Level 4 is now available. There are only 5 chapters in the lesson as well as.
Each chapter has more Kanji than usual.

You can take chapter test for each chapter after you learned the Kanji from lesson Kanji level 4.
You can find the Chapter Test link on the vocabulary level 4 lesson page or in Stage/Statistics page.

Thank You.
JCJP Admin


JapaneseClass.jp has a new page that enables you to keep track of all Chapter Test you have done and you have not done.

The stage page can also be used for you to be more organized in enriching your Japanese Vocabulary and Kanji.

the Stage Page URL: http://japaneseclass.jp/stage.php

Thank You
JCJP Admin

Photo Feature


To make JCJP to be more social, now you can upload any of your photo, and then you can see your photos on your statistics page.

To upload your photos, you can login to http://www.JapaneseClass.jp
and then you will find Upload Photo link on your login page.

More updates are coming up!

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

New Updates


JCJP has some new updates:

1. Level 4 Vocabulary lessons is available
2. Users who already got EXP more than 75000 will be level 4 if they go to any chapter test page or practice page
3. Level 4 Vocabulary Chapter Test is available

Sorry for the late update.
For users who has exceeded EXP (more than 115000) can request for EXP reset to 75000 by sending an email to admin@japaneseclass.jp. However if you like your exceeded EXP, you can keep your EXP that way.