Chapter Test Vocabulary Level 1

You can take chapter test for each chapter after you learned some vocabularies from lesson vocabulary level one.

you can find the Chapter Test link on the vocabulary level 1 lesson page.

Chapter Test for every lessons will be available soon

You can create your own quiz

Now you can create your own quiz.
Other users take your quiz from your statistics page to practice and earn few EXP (1 per correct answer)

ps: please keep your quiz related to Japanese Learning (maybe Japanese culture, anime, entertainment, etc)

All vocabularies and kanji questions for level 2

All vocabularies and kanji questions for level 2 has been added to question database.

level 3 practices will be available by 26 September 2008. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Forum has been reestablished

Forum has been reestablished

Now we have an icon to indicate ranking
rank 1
rank 2
rank 3
rank 4-10

Forum closed

Because there are only less than 5% members are using the forum, we have decided to close down the forum.

Forum Login Bug

The login problem on the forum has been fixed.

Kanji List

If you are logged in, now you see "I like this Kanji" button on the Random Kanji section.
When you found your favorite kanji or kanji that you want to memorize, you can click the button. The kanji with the details will be added to your kanji list where you can review them anytime.

Keep watching the Random Kanji section, and have fun learning Kanji!

Forum Bug

We are sorry for members who can't login to Forum.

Currently we have found the problem for it and we are trying to fix it.
We will inform you via email when the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, we have to close the forum to members who can't login.

Thanks to Magdelene who found the bug.
Bug-Finder Award has been given to Magdalene. Check out Magdalene user statistics page! Magdelene got a Bug-Finder Award.

Thank You

Random Kanji

Now we have implement our new features which is Random Kanji.
You can learn Kanji by just browing through the pages in
Random Kanji from our database will show up on the right side of the page.

20+ Vocabulary Questions Added

20+ Vocabulary questions for level 2 has been added to question database

chat room disabled

We have decided to disable the chat room as it takes up space and it is rarely been used

Award System

Award system has been established.
If you go to user statistics page, you will see Awards space on the bottom.
To go to user statistics page you just need to click the username (eg on the ranking page you will see a list of usernames of members).
Currently we only have one award title which is who reach the level first,
and we also only awarded member, shahringhan to be the first level 2 member.

Congratulations, shahringhan!!

Title bar icon

Now we have an icon our Title on your browser.
You can see the icon on your browser title bar of

Forum page has been established

Forum page has been established after spending hours of time integrating it with our user database. You can login using the same username and password to login to the forum page

Some level 2 practice questions has been added

For level 2 users, check out the practice page for new practice questions.

Level 2 Vocabulary has been added

For level 2 users, check out, vocabulary lesson page. Please try to learn new level 2 vocabularies, while we are working on the practice questions for level 2. We are sorry to inform you that the practice questions for level 2 are still in progress. It will be completed by September 11, 2008, 本当にごめんなさい

Misscelaneous has been added on lesson page

new misscelaneous lesson added

September 7, 2008, New kanji practice questions has been added

30+ Kanji questions added to our questions database. check it out at practice page