Social Bookmarking

a new feature has been added
social bookmarking
you can share useful Japanese Learning resources links or any Japanese article to practice reading.

I will add some more sub-features on social bookmarking later.
You will be able to add vocabularies from an article and do practices from the vocabulary list, and more...

Twitter! Tweet This!

If you are using, now you can tweet your activity log from your statistics page.

Date of Birth and Sex

Now new users have to put additional information when you register:
Date of Birth and Sex

Current users can update their profile information (sex and date of birth) in their statistics page by clicking the edit link.

Photo Feature


To make JCJP to be more social, now you can upload any of your photo, and then you can see your photos on your statistics page.

To upload your photos, you can login to
and then you will find Upload Photo link on your login page.

More updates are coming up!

Thank You,
JCJP Admin