Attendance Feature

To motivate you learning Japanese consistently on daily basis, JCJP is taking your attendance starting from today.

Just like normal classes, especially language classes, your attendance can be one of the most important aspects.
This is because we need consistencies in learning languages, otherwise, the vocabularies/kanji that we just learned can be easily forgotten.

Taking attendance in JCJP is not simply visiting and login to JCJP everyday.
You need to login and answer 20 different Practice questions to take your attendance.

Of course taking attendance everyday is NOT a must. However, if you want to be more consistent with your Japanese learning,
it is recommended to take attendance as answering 20 different questions would only take 2-5 minutes.

I chose answering Practice questions to be the way to take attendance because I think that you can encounter with your personalized question set,
such as, your weak vocabulary/kanji, oblivion vocabulary/kanji, and new vocabulary/kanji will be given to you.
Basically, attendance feature will help your Japanese learning by motivating you to keep track with these personalized vocabularies/kanji on daily basis.

I hope this attendance feature will motivate you to learn Japanese vocabularies/kanji everyday and be useful for your Japanese learning.

To start taking attendance, you can login to, and you will be asked automatically to take your attendance.

Screen Shot 0024-02-01 at 23.37.44

After taking your attendance, you will be asked again tomorrow and everyday (Japan Time).


In the near future, you will be able to see your attendance.

If you have any suggestion on this feature especially, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Vocabulary & Kanji Status Statistics Page

If you go to your statistics page, you can now see that Weak List section has been replaced by Vocabulary & Kanji section.

In this Vocabulary & Kanji section you will see this menu:

Vocabulary Status
Excellent vocabularies (219)
Good vocabularies (28)
Please learn these vocabularies (108)

Kanji Status
Excellent kanji (98)
Good kanji (24)
Please learn these kanji (102)

By going to these links, you can see and learn more about yourself and your Japanese Abilities. You can see the list of vocabulary/kanji you are good at, and also the vocabulary/kanji that you need to spend more time to learn them.

I hope this feature helps

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

New Note Feature

JCJP has a new feature called Note:

in this Note feature, you can make your own vocabulary list, as in taking notes.
You can create a Note with a title and the language of your note.
after you create a note. click the note title in the note list.
in the Note page, you can add vocabularies.

This feature is still in testing stage.

in the near future release some more feature will be added:
- Quiz for your note
- add vocabulary to your note from practice
- add vocabulary to your note from lesson

if you have any suggestions or any bug reports, please tell me

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

New JCJP Preview

Here are some screenshots of the New JCJP layouts.

Please comment on how do you like it. Also, please give some feedback.

ps: you can click on the thumbnail to see the bigger version of the image.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Lesson Vocabulary
FireShot capture #007 - JapaneseClass_jp I English Group - localhost_ci-jcjp_index_php_group_language_alternate

Group List Page

Since there is no user using the Links feature, now, this feature has been removed and on the header of JCJP, you can see that it has been replaced with Groups link.

The Group List page will show the list of Language Groups, with the statistics of the groups.

Not all languages are listed, only the language that is available in JCJP vocabulary translation.