Random Practice Question Modification (Vocabulary)

The system of Random Practice Question for vocabulary has been modified.

when the user choose the wrong answer, the page will print out the meaning of the wrong answer directly on the side of the word. and the exp will be deducted by 5 (weak list will also take into account).

After the user choose the correct answer, then the page will be directed to the next page and tell the user that the answer was correct.

with this system, the user can learn more than one vocabulary if he/she make a mistake in one vocabulary question.

Reverse Vocabulary Question in Practice Page

You can reverse the vocabulary question to get vocabulary questions in Japanese or your selected language.

you can change the vocabulary questions in practice page to be in Japanese.

When you choose the vocabulary questions to be in Japanese, then the answer options in the multiple choice will be in your selected language.

Since this is a new feature, please report if there is any bug

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Language Selection in Practice questions

Language selection is now available.

The interface became kind of messy because of this feature. I am still thinking of rearranging the interface to be better looking.

Since the language translation is based on user input (volunteer), not all of the words are translated into the selected language. a red message will appear when the word shown is not yet translated. The default language (English) will appear instead.

also, I am still looking for other language translator (volunteer) to translate the vocabulary database.

current translator:
Chinese: tony
Finnish: yookotan
German: apple
Swedish: Ahlfors
Indonesian: unknown

Please email me at admin@japaneseclass.jp if you are interested to be volunteer translator.

Thank You,
JCJP Admin

Recruiting Volunteer (Multi-Language Development)


I am planning to make JCJP available in every languages, not only in English.

To do so, I need Volunteers for developing our database to be mutli-language
It can be any language.

All you need to do is to translate the words of our vocabulary list into your own language.
Here is a prototype of the page you will be working with:

requirement to be a volunteer:
- Fluent in the language that you choose (check with your login location)
- Passionate to finish the entry
- Has to be level 2 or more.
- you are happy to work on this as a [u]volunteer[/u]
- tell me why do you want to do this? (1-3 sentences would be enough)

There are only 5 requirements to be a volunteer for now.

The registration is limited only for 2 volunteers per language.

If you are interested, please register in this thread by telling me the language that you want to work with, and why do you want to to this?

Thank You,
Admin JCJP


JapaneseClass.jp has a new page that enables you to keep track of all Chapter Test you have done and you have not done.

The stage page can also be used for you to be more organized in enriching your Japanese Vocabulary and Kanji.

the Stage Page URL: http://japaneseclass.jp/stage.php

Thank You
JCJP Admin